Monday, January 17, 2011


Lunch in their house - Uday, his mother
Street in Chennai

Beach in Chennai, must have been several thousand people there but still wasn't crowded. That's smog in the background.
view from the train chennai to Vellore

temple in Vellore

The kids either run to me or from me.  Cricket field inside the Fort, Vellore
Outside the Temple in Vellore
on the way to a village outside Vellore, very beautiful country, rock-climbers dream although no one does that here.
It was Pongal (Harvest ) Festival - everyone decorates their doorstep with chalk dust, on stone or in the sand and they also decorate their animals - pain their horns.
Augustine and me eating dinner at their home.  Per the custom, Gifta ate after we were finished. Feels weird but I do what I'm told.
Maharaja's Palace, no cameras allowed inside,unfortunately.  Craftmanship and detail inside was incredible.

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  1. Hi Barabara!
    This trip look amazing, Im very happy you are having a beautiful time, keep it up :)