Sunday, January 16, 2011


Arrived in Mysore without any trouble, staying at the Mysore Hotel Comples Rs. 400 per night, not pretty but clean and reasonably quiet.   although I appreciated staying in Vellore where all was taken care of for me,  was happy to be on my way  - saw more temples and met some more interesting people like Gifta and Augustine who took me out one night, lots of fun.They are Social Worlers at the CRC Hospital, Gifta is hoping to come to Canada for 3 weeks in May on a course sponsored by CIDA, she's just looking for some other funding for airfare. If anyone out there is so inclined and can research some connections  for her (your chance to make someone's dream come true from your computer!) let me know.  Will check into it myself as well.

Just here to book train tickets, will hopefully find time to load some pics.

Taking bus to Ooty on Thursday, train from Ooty to Metapulaym on Saturday, bus from Meta to Coimbatore then train from Coimbatore to Ernakulum (Cochin) on Sunday.  Making my own arrangements has been fine so far, easier than I expected but takes more time.

Off to the Maharaja's Palace!  Tomorrow, on a tour that will take me to a few places outside Mysore.

Love you Bubba:)

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