Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fort Cochi/Aama's Ashram

Fort Cochi

Here at Aama's ashram in Amritapuri which is right by the ocean - no pics allowed but will try to sneak one of the fabulous sunsets (everybody else does).  Aama is due back at the ashram tomorrow, so have signed up for a meditation class with her (Wed and Thurs) so will most likely stay till Sat or Sun so that I can do some seva (some job they'll give me for 2 hours a day) so that I have contributed.  We have a pigeon nesting in our room and the other two girls arent' concerned so I'll let it go. It doesn't make noise and it's up high in a little alcove, not in the bathroom or sleeping area. I swear I'm not making this monkey/bird stuff up.

Fort Cochi was like a small seaside town, very relaxing.  The backwater tour was nice, saw how they make coir,  the ferry ride here was even better. Cancelled elephant camp because I heard it was a tourist trap. Seemed like more tourists than locals, met lots and got some good travel info.  Went to a Kathkadi (sp?) performance, rented a bike for half day and wandered around alot.

When I left, another traveller at Aboo's  was also coming to the ashram, so we camee together. Everyone thought he was my husband.  From here I'm going to the southern tip of India .

Putting on their makeup for the Kathkadi performance.  No pics during.


At some point every day I wish I had a better camera - but it only lasts a few seconds when I put mine back in the pocket of my bag.  They let us work the fishing net, they expected a tip, but I didn't mind - I liked this tourist trap.

Aboo and his daughter

Mosquitoes up until now have been fine - 1 or 2 bites a day - you don't feel them bite but today, my knees are puffy - they bite through clothes and they're monster bites.

So, I'm having a wonderful time.  The first 10 days here were ok, it took me time to relax , figure things out and I wasn't meeing any other travellers so it was weird at times and there were a few moments where I thought ''"what the f. . . .  am I doing?'"  .  I think I've gotten the hang of it now, can't believe I've been gone for a month. Won't say I'm adept at eating with my fingers, but I'm pretty good.  I miss Nick; I don't miss having to set an alarm  - ok, Wed I have to get up at 5 am for Puja as part of my meditation class -  but they have ice cream here :)

Love you Bubba

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