Monday, January 24, 2011

Fort Cochi

Here in Fort Cochi, will be here until at least Friday 28, maybe Saturday.  Lots of tourists here, much quieter as it's an island (although it is connected by bridge to the mainland, ferry is the quickest way). Staying at the Honolulu Home Stay  - I'm not actually in their home, they're onthe ground floor and the second floor is separated into several rooms with bathroom, sitting area, and computer.  The owner's name is Aboo.  Although not fancy, very, very clean (I think my bathroom is brand new) for Rs 600 - about $15 per night, they also provide meals on request.  Will be going on day trip to Backwaters and another to Elephant training camp and some waterfall, also a few things to do around town.  Keralean food is a little different, I like it even better.

Next stop is Alleppepy to go to the Matha Amrithanadandamayi Mission (the hugging mother ashram). I met someone who stayed here, she said participation is optional - mediation and chanting - or you can lie on the beach all day.

Love you Bubba!!!

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