Monday, February 13, 2017

North Morocco

North Morocco

The view as we were walking along the waterfront in Rabat.

Moulay Idriss at sunset. A very religious town where muslims come every year on a pilgrimage.  Non-muslims have only been allowed  recently ie in the last 100 years

Stork nesting on the Roman ruins at Volubus.

Palace in Fez.

This is Hakima, our local tour guide in Fez with the 'black soap' that you use when you go to a hammam.  She said it was mostly olive oil; it melts when you spread it on your skin in the hot room.  We went to a hammam to have a scrub, most people didn't like it, they said it was too rough.  I gave my best 'please don't hurt me' look and it was fine. 

A mosaic table, upside down, ready to have the frame put around and concrete poured.  The is apparently no pre-set pattern, the artist creates it as he goes, remembering what colours he has used.

One of the narrower streets in Fez. . 
Khalid, our Intrepid tour guide, at the local place that served camel burgers.

At the tannery, they provide a  mint leaf to hold at your nose, but we were lucky, it wasn't too hot that day.  The white stuff to clean the hides contains pigeon poop.

Chefchaouen.  Ont he left and right, under the roofed area are washing basins where clothes are washed with water funneled form the stream. 

Khalid told us 

In Marrakesh, Jemaa el-Fna for our glass of mint tea.  This was the end of our tour.


This is the view from a cafe at high tide. Below is the same view, low tide

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