Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Delhi - my last post

I was looking through my posts because i have already forgotten what happened a few months back and I think i drafted, but never posted, a post about the ashram (Feb 9, 2011), so there's a post way back that you may not have seen.(either that or I just duplicated it)

I was nervous of coming to Delhi, partly because most people I met said they didn't like it and also because I'd had a wonderful, trouble free trip - too good to be true!  But, I liked Delhi.  They have the most fabulous subway system that was upgraded last year (for the Commonwealth Games or something like that). Brand new trains with no food or drink allowed, first car of every train is women only, some stations have fences so you know exactly where to line up for the doors (yes, an actual line up) and you buy a token based on the distance you're going - you swipe it to get in then deposit it to get out. I tried to avoid rush hour, but by 3:30 pm it was getting quite crowded and was about to get on a regular car but when I saw them all squishing up I chickened out, did a u-turn at the last second and headed for the ladies car.

I went to the Red Fort (was nice but no big deal) and took the subway to some not-so-touristy shopping areas but otherwise didn't do all that much even though the days flew by (couldn't bring myself to go to the market in Old Delhi - some other time) They had a park and a shopping area in Connaught place  - didn't shop, just wandered around eating popsicles.

So, I'm back in Toronto, feeling like my trip was just a dream and I've woken up again.  I'm so very grateful to everyone who supported me (which includes the hundreds on Indians that helped me find my way and always made sure that I got off at my station) and helped me make my dream come true.  I also realized another dream of mine can now  come true - to retire in a warm country for at least a few years - I could easily live in India - I just wouldn't travel so much and would stay in my favourite cities. I never at any time felt unsafe.  Daniel, the Brazilian guy on the camel trip was reading 'The Alchemist' so I thought I would give it a try when I found it.  It's a wonderful book about realizing your dreams and finding your treasure in life, so it was an appropriate book to finish off my trip.

As I was sitting in my Timothy's on the corner of Bay and  Charles having my chai latte and blueberry muffin (like I do every weekend)  I thought 'wow, I can make my dreams come true'  and so I then wondered - what's my next dream that I'm going to make come true?  And how can I help make other people's dreams come true?  because that would be just as much fun.   So let me know if I can help you . . . . . . . .

Thank you and see you soon!

Love you Bubba!

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  1. Hi Barb!
    I have so enjoyed reading your travelogue!
    and I can't wait to see you to hear all about it. Let's go for lunch when you're back. We'll talk dreams. Sounds like your trip was everything you hoped it could be. I am so happy for you, for the experience, and for the revelations.