Friday, February 25, 2011


I'm here in Udaipur staying at the Nukkad Guest House.

In Ahmedabad, I was spoiled rotten by Dinesh and Shruti (my friend Sudhi's husband and daughter - Sudhi was still in Canada) and had a nice rest - I spent 3 days (not all in a row) doing nothing but sitting on their balcony, reading, a little computer, and little TV.  I really appreciated the down time.  One day I went into work with Shruti, her driver dropped her off, took me to some stores for shopping and then to Gandhi's ashram.  It as a beautiful, peaceful quite place by the river with a great museum section telling the story of  his life.  His little house; his room with his mattress and spinning wheel.  He must have had spinning wheels all over India as this was the third one of 'his' that I've seen.

Shruti works for the biggest denim manufacturer in India (from the cotton ball to finished jeans for GAP, Banana Republic, Lee's, Wrangler, etc).  She took me to their warehouse store and picky me did find a pair of jeans for Rs 600 ($15), then we went for ice cream (I love Shruti) and then to a beautiful Step-Well. 

Dinesh worried about me alot (I'm sure he thought I was crazy staying home all day and doing nothing), saw that I was very well fed (at some very fine restaurants) and booked my bus ticket to Udaiper for me.  The bus was the nicest, newest in all of India, complete with AC and brand new curtains - a real treat. He also took me on an Old City walking tour and to Lothal - a 4,000 year old archeological site.

I told Dinesh and Shruti that I wll never let them forget the time when Shruti and I walked home from the laser light show (at times not sure where we were) and the time when Dinesh was driving on the wrong side of the road.  I said, 'aren't we on the wrong side of the road' and he replied,'yes.'  But then several motorcycles, also going the wrong way passed us, 'but see, we're not the only ones'.
The dancers

The beautiful Bride and dress!

Back view of the dress (must have weighed a ton) the dancers and band led the way

The band

Bride and Groom

Tilt left - where the wedding ceremony took place.  My pics don't do justice to any of this - all fresh flowers were incredible.

I have more pics but forgot my camera in my napsack - went hiking today, so will upload more laters.

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