Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Pics

Stayed in Udaiper a few extra days with a cough and cold, will be moving on to Jodhpur on Thursday.
tilt left.Me at a 500 year old step well built by a queen so that the royal women could bath in privacy.  the detail was wonderful and it was in great shape.

Tilt left.  the well is 6 stories deep to take advantage of rising and falling water levels.  They said 50 years ago it was almost at the top step. Now you can see water at the very bottom, but it's not enough to bathe in.  The flash makes it look white but it is sandstone colour.

Looking up, I wasn't quite at the bottom because it was too dark to go all the way down.

Shruti outside the well (sorry Shruti, the pic of you and me turned out blurry)

Dinesh and Shruti at the Utensil museum/restaurant that we visited and ate dinner at.  The owner has been collecting for over  30 years, a wonderful collection of cooking, household, smoking, etc. items.

Tilt left. This is the biggest bird feeder I've ever seen.  In the old city of Ahmendabad there are 600 pols (neighbourhoods) each one has it's own birdfeeder, well and two temples.

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